Top 5 USA Construction Jobs in 2014

In the US, annual ranking of jobs are published in order to analyze the most significant choices for job seekers. While selecting their career, the job seekers make a detailed study about different jobs in the same industry and then move ahead. The employment rate has grown tremendously as per the US Department of BLS. For the current year 2014, there have been certain unexpected results. Even though, BLS continues to spread a glowing landscape for some industries, it also takes a close look at where high prospect is most anticipated. I had mentioned this unexpected rise of technology sector that toppled the health care sector to gain the top position in terms of growth in my post that explained the top sectors to look out for in 2014.

Construction jobs have really lucrative offers that one must not overlook at all. Being an employee of this segment means that you get hold of some greater authority to manipulate. Do you know what’s actually going on within the construction industry in the US? What kind of jobs are accessible there? In order to help you out to acquire the correct career decision, I am writing this blog post for your reference in terms of the construction industry and the opportunities available.

Have a look at some of those important construction jobs in 2014:

Construction Manager:


The job of a construction manager is well thought-out to be the hardest amongst all. The manager only plans, estimates budget and supervises the entire project from starting to finishing point. He ought to be well-versed about the company’s rules and policies and must be capable to do fair justice to his own role. Many managers are projected to enter this field in the coming times. This will also witness a rise in the candidates who will opt for a bachelor’s degree in the construction management, engineering and architecture.

Cost Estimator: The job of a cost estimator is not that easy. He coordinates and manages well with the engineers, managers and architects in order to determine the mechanical and technical requirements of the project. They are hyper-organized thinkers and they could see their labor force swell by more or less 26% before 2022.


Glazier Jobs in USA

It is satirical that in 2014, the Labor Department estimates quicker than average job expansion for glaziers. Though many individuals have never ever heard about this profession, but it is actually an upcoming job in the construction industry. They are accountable for installing as well as cutting the glass work of buildings and in the recent times, there are approximately 8,000 job openings available.

Plumber: One cannot do anything without a plumber. Plumbers are highly specialized and trained professionals who install, repair and inspect the pipes or fixtures that carry steam, water air and gas.

Construction Worker: Having different varieties of work in your workplace always keeps you motivated. And if you like variety, then this is the perfect job for you. The general construction workers assist in digging underground tunnels, repair of highways and construction of skyscrapers. The growth in this segment of the construction industry is huge in the near future and there will be nearly 259,800 new job openings in this occupation.

Getting hold of good employment opportunities in the construction industry is actually an easy deal that one can seal. There are lots of other construction jobs available in the US in the year 2014. We can see good number of newbies who are competent enough in handling the accounts of the construction industry. They not only maintain the accounts, in fact they monitor other staff members of the company. The manager is usually handed over with the authority of formulating as well as supervising the monthly financial reports too. So now it’s time to upgrade your resume immediately and hit upon some construction job in no time if it is your interest. I will stress that you approach profession resume writing services for drafting your resume. This will ensure that it is done correctly according to the current needs of the industry.

So I wish you best of luck for your job search, and may you work for a big construction giant in the near future.


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