Top 5 Health Care Jobs in USA for 2014

Recently, it has been estimated about the United States that 2014 will be a really good year as far as economy is concerned. It will experience good growth and the emerging markets of the US are liable to give back certain chunk of what they had acquired in past few years. Let’s discuss about this as there are lot of people who are actually decisive about these predictions.

Lot of new jobs have been created in this year. In addition, the rising health care sector is offering tremendous career paths that will actually lead to liberal compensation and a safe future. Not long but in 2010, ten year projections were put in so as to check the industry sector growth and it was anticipated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that social assistance and health care industry will produce approximately 28% of the latest jobs in the US. So when I wrote about the top 5 sectors to look out for this year, I had intended to put light on every sector seperately. So here I am writing about the health care jobs to look for.

The top 5 healthcare jobs for 2014 are:

Biomedical Engineer:

Biomedical Jobs in USA

This is one of the most upcoming fields that cannot be overlooked. It is such a field that merges engineering know-how as well as specific medical knowledge. Almost every biomedical engineer looks for employment in device companies that make each and everything; ranging from surgical tools to MRI’s. As per the BLS, their annual salary is nearly $87,000 and the pay can actually go much higher. Hence, this field is expected to grow in the coming times by a remarkable rate of 62% in the next decade.

Dental Hygienist:

Dental Hygienist Jobs in US

After biomedical engineers, the next best health care jobs of 2014 are of a dental hygienist. In the previous year, it was ranked as the most excellent job. It was driven a lot be means of demand. This job in particular is low-stressed for the reason that most of the hygienists are responsible of their schedule and leave their work behind as soon as they exit their office. Generally they work in a very comfortable environment and have job security. The expected annual median salary is nearly $70,000 and anticipated growth is 38%.

Occupational Therapist:

This job comes third in terms of ranking. Similar to dental hygienists, the occupational therapists also tend to work from 9 to 5 schedule and they too settle on their own comfort level or commitment. They actually assist people in physically demanding jobs such as construction. Their median annual salary is somewhat $75,000 and the expected growth is 33% according to BLS.

Physician: The job of a physician that ranks 4th in the list is growing rapidly. The BLS anticipated the increment of this job by 70% from 2010-2020. This job is sensitively draining as well as physically demanding. It is the most meaningful job of health care; however,the pay is not that great. The annual median salary of just about $22,000 is what a physician gets. But the fact is that they are the ones who make a lot of difference in the lives of lot of people.

Physical Therapist:

Physical Therapist Jobs in USA

This job rank 5th in the list. They are the ones who treat most of the general injuries. The demand for physical therapists is always on the rise; especially because the number of patients keeps on increasing every time. They receive promising amount of income and excellent points for a satisfying work environment. The growth rate is expected to be 30% in the near future.

Therefore, these five best health care jobs in the US are going to change the entire scenario. The promising amount of income that they receive along with the pleasant work environment is what is actually changing the outlook of the individuals.

So now you know which jobs in the health care sector to target. Obviously you need to have the necessary qualifications to work in such positions. So if you are one who has the necessary certifications, start you job search immediately.

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