Importance of Adding Achievements to Your Resume

I never knew during the initial days of my career and my learning about the HR field that writing resume will be this tough! What is a resume? Resume can be called as macro view of life; in just two three pages you have to write down all your achievements with a perfect flow that will make recruiters read and find interest to call you to schedule an interview. Now this is a bit interesting, isn’t it?

Many people invest hundreds of bucks to write such attractive and interesting ‘Resumes’. But personally, I don’t find this worth to spend such amount to write your achievements which are hard earned by you. Little search from your end can lead you to some affordable resume writing services who can guide you through this process. All you need to do is rethink the goals which you want to add, and arrange them in professional and viewable way.

Not adding achievements to your resume can be quite a disaster moment, and can damage your career or land you in the wrong place. Many people are still struggling to obtain or head for job hunt. The job market is full of competition. You need to be very clear what you need to add and how to represent? The best candidate will sure get the job, but what about others? Others can too win this race.

Winning this job race might be a bit difficult, but not impossible, as it’s said, a right key will unlock the door of opportunity. Presenting a resume is also an art. Resume writing can be called as a ‘Marketing Document’. The golden rule of writing resume is put all things like your achievements, degree and so in correct and interesting order, such that a person will find more interest to explore more about your achievements in detail.

If you still find this task a bit difficult then, this post will help you to know how to add achievements to your resume? Here are few step to guide you:

  • The very first step, note while writing don’t only focus on your responsibilities, but focus more on your achievements. Don’t drag your achievements to such an extent such that it can be represented as a short story. The very best way can be through quantified achievements which are better way to show objective measures. Remember no one will make out, that you are good team player or you can solve some difficult problems in minutes of time, but your resume can portray a shade of this.

  • Avoid making your resume a moral statement, it’s more like a marketing document today. The most important aspects in your resume are your achievements. Avoid lying unnecessary stories through your resume.

  • Don’t make your resume sound like a long story and a bit boring. Try to bring it on one page or max-to-max up to two pages or so. The main concept of resume is to give an idea about your achievements, you need to be very precise and clear. Believe it or not my resume was like my first date! This sounds odd right?

  • Some people go on dumping too many things on the resume, and make their resume not so interesting to read. Try to categorize things more clearly. Divide section of your achievements as Certifications, Graduations (or Masters, PHD or so) other education, your personal interest etc.

  • Personal interest! This might be a very different section, but while interviewing, recruiters do ask questions on your personal interest. This section is not to make you interesting, but to reveal your qualities.

So keep in mind the golden rule that achievements are aspects that make your resume stand out. So highlight them, instead of stuffing the resume with unwanted and unattractive stuff.

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