How to Revamp Your Resume to Attract Recruiters?

Getting a right job can be bit difficult. The job market is full of competition and getting the right opportunity at right time is not an easy task. Many people struggle years and years to land the dream job; also the experience too matters. It’s been rightly said, your resume reflects your achievements. Each section in your resume plays a vital role, you cannot end up with adding anything. Adding any fake achievements can land you in problems.

Recruiters focus a lot on personal interest and often start your interview from that point. Your resume is the primary tool that plays a vital role. But the question remains unanswered as how to revamp you resume to attract recruiters? What does revamp mean?

Revamp means to uplift or renovate, but subject to a resume, revamp means to arrange in such a way, so that the recruiter feels more interest to learn more through your resume. It’s important to refresh your resume and refocus on key elements of any particular job search. Here are few tips that will help you to revamp your resume.

  • Don’t copy, but get inspired: People often mistake the word ‘inspire’; they land up copying whole things. You cannot copy someone’s resume entirely. Your resume is your achievement list, you need to arrange these as your needs and priorities. Searching a job differs from person to person. New strategies and tactics are often set by recruiters for candidates who come to face the interview.

  • You need to learn to look at job from different angles: To become narrow-minded won’t help you, you need to be strong and open-minded. The question round or personal interview can make you face different questions which are related to your field or not so related to your field. You must be strongly prepared to face these questions in a strong and confident way.

  • Remove unnecessary content: If you have faced few obstacles while facing few interviews due to one section of your resume or so, then remove that content or alter it in a good way. Your profile document has to be concise, as it is first thing that reflects your achievement and makes you appear for any interview. We are very well aware of, how interviewers scan our resumes through pile of other resumes.

Try to remove aspects which are not very related to the field that you are applying for. Try to be more realistic and point-to-point.

Sometime, you need to give up what is good to get more good things in your hand. But if you have very few skills in your pocket, then don’t worry or get disappointed at this; be short and sweet. Try to add all the very good points but avoid repetition. The repetition can make your resume look a bit clumsy and dull. Remember very few are interested to read whole resumes from point-to-point.

  • The layout of resume also plays an important role. The editing and arrangement of sections too play a crucial role. There are several sections which need to be added, like other achievements other than academics, certification (which can be related to academics or others also), your hobbies, sport achievements, personal interviews or so.

  • Your resume should be very properly and precisely written in such a way so that more and more recruiters find it interesting. At the end, resume is just like a marketing document that is representing you.

It’s very much essential to update your resume, periodically. The experience too adds a cheery on your list of achievements. Don’t disappoint yourself if you are fresher, you can add your achievements to glow your resume and make it more shine and heavy. You can check my previous post related to fresher resume to understand this clearly. Further, you can find professional help in the form of resume writers who can aid you to draft a good profile document if you find it difficult.

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