Handling Telephonic Interviews can be Easy if You Follow Some Set Rules

Telephonic interview is thought to be the best way, when a quick evaluation of the voice and the skills of a person in presenting himself over the telephone have to be assessed. Telephone Interviews are getting popular as companies are striving hard to reduce costs. Research has revealed that the manager who has to hire will make a verdict on you in barely 5 minutes. So, you need to be well aware as how to improve your probability and reach the next step that is an interview face-to-face. My intention of writing this blog is to help you in preparing for telephonic interviews with some tips.

Steps to keep in mind while going for a telephonic interview

Your voice really matters

The voice of an individual really matters. When you are having a conversation with the hiring manager, you need to be sure that he is able to clearly understand as to what you are saying. It is not important that you have a very good accent to be successful, but you should be competent enough to make yourself understood.

At the same time it is very important that there should be no grammatical errors in your conversation and the syntax used is appropriate. The reason being that you have to represent your company if selected and you have to compulsorily possess great communicating skills. When we open our mouth, we tend to speak a great deal about ourselves. Our voice creates the much required first impression on others just like our appearance does. When we go for an interview, we make sure that we are formally and neatly dressed, in the same way our voices must not give the feeling of being unkempt and stained and our thoughts and opinions should be clearly conveyed.

Vocal Impressions Important in a Telephonic Interview

An additionalsignificant point about the voice is that few people sound a little different during the telephonic conversation than in person. The result of this is that when we communicate face to face, we surely overlook verbal nuances that certainly become puffed up over the telephone. Given that inside sales or client service representatives will be speaking devoid of their non-verbal abilities, you must pay augmented stress on the vocal impressions.

The Judgment that the recruiters make while having a telephonic Interview:

The hiring manager gets very judgmental when making a selection of the employees and the things that he notices are-

  • Does this individual have the capability to converse easily?
  • Do the words pour in a focused and decisive manner?
  • Whether the candidate is ready to give the names of the previous firms he worked with?
  • Are they ready to take the interview in a positive manner?
  • Is their attitude professional or they are having a casual approach towards the job?
  • Is their voice clear and are they able to express themselves in an explicit manner?

Details that you should be equipped when you have to handle a telephonic Interview

There are some details that a person needs to be well equipped with while appearing for a telephonic interview. The hiring manager will confirm your name and contact information, which he expects to be authentic. Then the next question could be why you are interested in the job and what position you are expecting? What salary packets you are expecting and your previous job experience along with for how long did you work over there?

Recruiters believe that in 90% of the cases, they are able to make a clear assessment about the caliber, talent and ability of the candidate and how much deserving he or she is for the job and whether he or she is fit to move to the next level that is face-to face interview.

So if you follow all the instructions mentioned above, I can assure you that your telephonic interview will run smoothly. Further, you may also be called for the face-to-face round which may eventually lead to you grabbing the job opportunity.

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