Dressing for an Interview- Tips and Guidelines

interview dressing sense

There is a very old saying that you never get a second chance to create a first impression. When you are appearing for a job interview, your appearance is extremely important. Whether you look professional or shoddy, it could make a huge difference on will you get hired or not.
The physical appearance of a person is enormously important when you appear for an interview. There is a great possibility that you could leave a horrible first impression by not properly dressing for a work interview, and might unswervingly influence the outcome. When you are getting ready for a job interview, you are not supposed to wear very casual clothes. There are explicit guidelines and needs to appropriately dressing for a job interview and these are applicable for both men and women. So here I am listing them for your benefit.

Need to be sure about the culture of the company:

When you have to first decide what you should be wearing for a job interview, it is important that you should take good notice about the culture of the company. You should dress according to the culture the company is following. If you are going for an interview in the company where only formal dresses are permitted then stick to that.

The dress you choose should neither be too loud, nor too casual:

A formal business suit is perhaps the best choice, but if you are wearing a suit and a tie and the other employees are dressed casually, you will totally appear out of place. The same thing is true for the contrary. If you wear jeans and t-shirts for a job interview, where all the employees wear professional attire, you will just be substantiated as not suitable for the job.

Match the interviewer:

Aptness is the most vital factor on what you should wear. Once you decide whether you are wearing a professional or a casual outfit ,there are certain guidelines that you should always keep in mind. The main thing is that you should wear the clothes in which you are comfortable while at the same time go with the company dress code. This will give you the confidence and energy and help you shine out.

interview dressing for men

Some of the guidelines before you appear for an interview are:

1. Ensure that your clothes are efficiently ironed as the clothes which are not ironed give a very shabby appearance
2. Brush your teeth properly and arrive with a fresh breath
3. Make certain that the outfit you are wearing fits you well and are comfortable. If your pants and sleeves are too long, you will always be uncomfortable.
4. Don’t wear any flashy clothes or jewelery as this will deviate the attention of the interviewer
5. Your hairstyle should be neatly arranged
6. Wear very neat and conventional footwear because neat shoes help a person identify your appearance
7. Dress that you are wearing should be according to the weather. Do not wear stuffy clothes in the middle of the summer.
8. Neat and clean fingernails
9. Should not be wearing any perfume or aftershave. If the person interviewing you is allergic to the perfumes, you have had it.
10. Women should not be wearing anything that is revealing and exposes their body parts
11. Women, should not do too much of makeup. Wear natural shades and stay away from eye shadow, eyeliner and a very bright colored lipstick.
12. For the pants, it is very essential that you wear a belt that matches the shoe color

You should be very confident and comfortable in the clothes that you are wearing for a job interview as it leaves a lasting impression on the recruiter and gets you your dream job. Further, a professional outfit may get you close to the job, and then what will help you to get hired is the talent you exhibit there.

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